A few weeks ago my family had a really cool experience. We had our own personal meet and greet with a real working canine officer from the Calgary Police Service (what can I say… we have some cool connections – Thanks Oma). My little guys were pretty excited when they found out that we were going to meet an actual police dog. And why wouldn’t they be?! Especially when one of the hottest kids characters at the moment is also a crime-fighting canine cop. The one and only, Chase from Paw Patrol! With all the excitement surrounding the visit with the real-life police pooch, I thought that I’d write up a throw-back post to Anson’s fourth birthday when we celebrated his birthday in Paw Patrol party style.

Anson with a real deal canine cop – Canine Officer Paco

Get Ready To Paw-ty – A Paw Patrol Party

I have such a blast when I plan a party. And planning Ansons’ Paw Patrol party for his fourth birthday was extra fun! Anson can binge watch Paw Patrol like I can binge-watch the bachelor (yep – my dirty secret is out). So because he is such a super Paw Patrol fan it was a given that he had to have a Paw Patrol party!

This was the Paw Patrol themed image that I created for the Facebook Event invitation.

If you’ve been following along in my blog, you might have picked up on my subtle obsession with cake decorating. So, one of the first things that I usually figure out when planning a party is what the cake is going to be. (which is strange because it’s the last thing I create). So, I asked Anson what type of cake he wanted for his Paw Patrol Party. His reply was that he wanted a “Chase cake”. And not just any Chase cake, but a cake of his head. So with that, I accepted his challenge. If Anson wanted a bust cake of Chase’s head… A bust cake he would get!

Chase is On the Cake… I Mean Case

The Chase cake concept that I came up with ended up being more of a sculpture than a “typical” cake. One of the challenges that I had to work out was how to create the curves and contours of the face that would make the Chase cake still look realistic while still being edible. If you’ve ever decorated a cake, you might know that cake is a finicky medium to work with (it can be pretty crumbly). So my fix was this. Instead of working with crumbly cake, I used rice crispy squares to create the contoured parts of Chase’s face (the nose and cheeks). It worked out magically! Given that this was the first time I had created a sculptured cake. I was beyond happy with the end result. And judging from the huge smile on Anson’s face when he saw it… I think he was pretty happy too!

Paw Patrol Party Food

I really enjoy entertaining and I really love putting on a big spread of food. So, for our Paw Patrol party, I made sure that our food bar was full of all sorts of yummy treats. I made Puppy Chow, pop-corn, pup-tato chips, pup-peroni sticks, bone rice crispy squares, fruit kibble, and farmer Yumi’s Vegetables. For the main entree, of course, we had to have hot dogs. To help add an element of authenticity to our Paw Patrol party theme I served up some of our yummy snacks in dog dishes that I had bought from Dollar Tree.


I love decorating with bold and bright colours, it makes the room look so cheery! Decorating for a Paw Patrol party is pretty easy when it comes to the colour scheme. Just pick the primary colours add a few extra colours and away you go! Because Paw Patrol is really pup-ular (ha-ha see what I did there) it was easy to find themed decorations. I bought Paw Patrol plates, napkins, and a table cloth off of Amazon. And then the rest of the party decor I made myself!

I love making my own party decorations. One party decor item that I always design and absolutely love making for my boys birthdays is a milestone chart. Like every other mom out there I’m really sentimental when it comes to the growth of my little guys… and boy how quickly they grow and change in the span of a year. I love these charts because I think of them as a keepsake to remind me of the little person that they’ve become. After the party, we use the posters as artwork for their room and hang the posters on the wall or their door. The boys really love it. They look at the posters constantly and love it when I read them back all the facts about themselves.

This was the paw patrol milestone poster that I designed for Anson

Along with the milestone poster, I also created other signs pertaining to our party theme. For the Paw Patrol party, I designed a huge Paw Patrol badge with Anson’s name on it (you can see it taped to the mirror in the photo below). I printed out all the different Paw Patrol badges and decorated the room with them. I also got Anson a custom embroidered Paw Patrol t-shirt with his name on it (again see the photo below). The shirt was made by a local fabric artist here in Calgary, Frances Black Designs (check her out – her stuff is so awesome). I think these little extra touches really helped to complete our party theme.

  • The kids decorated with the paw patrol badges

Paw Patrol Party Games & Activities

Being the mom of two busy little boys, I know just how short young kid’s attention spans can be. Because of this, I don’t usually plan too many structured activities at our parties. As a rule of thumb, I usually try and plan for a few party games and one crafting activity. This usually seems to keep everyone busy between the food, gifts, cake, and some free play.

For my Paw Patrol party craft, the kids got to adopt a plush little puppy and craft a collar for their new furry friend. I arranged a bunch of stuffed dogs I bought in a cute little suit case. Each kid got to select their stuffyy. After selecting their stuffy they then got to craft dog tags and collars for their new plush pooch.

To make a dog collar we used pipe cleaners, large pony beads, pencil crayons, and shrink paper. I had pre-drawn large tag shapes on the shrink paper with a permanent marker. I then had the kids colour their tags with the pencil crayons. After they were done colouring I wrote the name of their new stuffy on the tag. The next step is when the magic happens – we cut out the tags and shrunk them down in the oven. The shrink paper worked perfectly as it created a permanent hard plastic tag. After creating the tag the kids then created their collar. They arranged large pony beads onto pipe cleaners. When they were all done I attached the tags onto the beaded pipe cleaner collar with a jump ring. We then put the collars onto the stuffed dogs. I thought that this was a super fun activity. And all the little dogs with their collars turned out to be adorable!

For the party games, I bought a Chase “pinata” that the kids really enjoyed collecting the candy from. To make it fair, after they broke the pinata I got them to collect all the candy and throw it all into one big bowl. I prefer to do it this way, as I divide it into the treat bags for them to take home (I know… I’m a buzzkill, right) lol. Along with the Pinata, the kids also played “Pin the Badge on Chase”. It was an inexpensive game which I had purchased off of Amazon.ca.

Doggy Bags – I mean Treat Bags

For our Paw Patrol party treat bag, I bought a bunch of Paw Patrol colouring books from Dollar Tree. To compliment the colouring books Anson and I made our own paw print shaped crayons. To do this I bought a big brand new box of Crayola crayons. Anson and I then stripped of their paper wrapping and melted down into a silicone pawprint shaped mould. We put them in a “doggy bag” for The kids to take home along with the candy and their new adopted plush puppy.

All in all, I think all the kids (and adults too) had a pretty great time at Anson’s Paw Patrol paw-ty. Below are all the items that I purchased from Amazon that really made our party paw-some. And below that are more photos from the party.

If you like my Paw Patrol paw-ty ideas and you’re planning your own paw patrol party check out my Paw Patrol party designs in my Etsy store.

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  1. Bethany February 26, 2019 at 7:44 PM

    I am in total disbelief about the outcome of that cake! INCREDIBLE!!! You should do it for a living! Also, the rest of the party was absolutely adorable!! Such an awesome post!

    1. Trina Vanaalst February 27, 2019 at 9:50 AM

      Thank Bethany! I’ve thought about cake decorating – it takes a long time for me to decorate a cake and I would have to rent a commercial kitchen and such… At the moment it seems like too much work for me! lol. But I’m glad you liked the post!

  2. [email protected] February 27, 2019 at 7:19 AM

    This is such a cute party! That cake looks amazing! I haven’t attempted to make a cake like this but would love to, are they hard to do? And I love the food and display idea! The dog bowls, and rice crispy treats in a shape of dog bones- adorable!

    1. Trina Vanaalst February 27, 2019 at 9:47 AM

      Hi Maria, Thanks for the flattering comment! The cake took a long time to make… but I think with the right tools and know-how anyone can do it! I’m actually posting an article in the upcoming weeks on how to decorate a fondant cake… Subscribe and you’ll get notified when I post : )

  3. Sarah Schauer February 27, 2019 at 7:31 AM

    Omgosh!! My son would flip for that birthday party theme! That cake is amazing. He is always running around with his Paw Patrol pups wanting to save the day!! I love it!!

    1. Trina Vanaalst February 27, 2019 at 9:51 AM

      Thanks Sarah, sounds like your son and mine would be good play buddies! : )

  4. Brittany August 22, 2019 at 10:01 AM

    Wow! Great party, Trina! My soon-to-be-5 year old has requested a Paw Patrol party? Mind me asking where you bought the plush puppies for your “Adopt a Pup” favor?

    1. Trina Vanaalst August 22, 2019 at 10:38 AM

      Thanks, for your comment Brittany.

      I got the pups from Dollarama in Canada. : ) Happy crafting

  5. Kitty November 8, 2019 at 3:13 AM

    What did you make the hat out of on the cake?

    1. Trina Vanaalst November 11, 2019 at 8:50 PM

      Hi Kitty,

      The Chase head is 2 6″ round cakes stacked on top of each other. I just shaved off the top of the hat at an angle to create more of a “hat” shape. The brim of the hat is fondant. Hope this helps. : )

  6. Nancy November 11, 2019 at 3:13 PM

    Wow! Your cake looks amazing! I’ve done a few cakes myself but never sculpted cakes. I need to make 2 cakes for my grandsons birthdays that will be celebrated the same day. I found a Marshall cake to make and your Chase looks so tempting to do. Would it be possible to get more info on how you managed to sculpt it? Is the head rice TreAts only if there’s also cake for the head. I would so appreciate more info.

    1. Trina Vanaalst November 11, 2019 at 8:53 PM

      Hi Nancy, thanks for your comment. Chase’s head is made out if 2 round 6″ cakes stacked on top of each other. The top of the cake is cut off on an angle to create more of a “hat” shape. The brim is fondant that was secured to the cake with food skewers. For the face, only the nose and the cheek portion is sculpted out of rice crispies. Hope this all helps. Please feel free to message back if you have more questions. Happy cake making! : ) Trina


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