On Trend With Tiered Display Stands

With Christmas in the rearview mirror, I’m looking forward to decorating our home with items in colour palettes that aren’t limited to shades of red and green. I really like decorating for different seasons and holidays, and I tend to go a wee bit overboard with Christmas. But unlike Christmas, I don’t usually let other holidays barf decorations all over the house.

At the moment I’m in love with tiered display stands. (I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to them – take a look) I see them all over the place. Pinterest, Wayfair, and at Home Sense. And for good reason. Tiered stands allow you to decorate your home with some seasonal flare all while keeping the holiday trinkets in one little space.

My Tiered Stand

I had been on the hunt for a tiered stand for a while, but all the stands I found were way too big for our island (my kitchen has an island, not a continent). In the end, I found a cute little stand in an unlikely place, Canadian Tire. It was perfect because it was smaller than the other stand I had found. But unfortunately, because it was on the smaller side, there wasn’t a lot of room between the tiers – Good thing I’m handy. Because after some deconstructing and reconstructing of my new stand with copper plumbers pipe and some sandpaper (see the before and afters below), I have the perfect little-tiered display for my kitchen.

  • My tiered display stand before
  • Supplies to re-do my stand
  • My tiered display stand after

Decorating My Tiered Display Stand

I have so much fun hunting for different decorations and items to put on my stand. And because I like to use my tiered stand to set the ambiance related to the season or an upcoming holiday, I usually always have a theme to go off of. Which makes the hunt for items easier. When displaying all of my little seasonal knick-knacks, I love how my stand keeps them all in one spot.

Along with all the seasonal stuff, my stand always has a candle on the top tier. If you’ve been reading my posts you’ll know that you can’t hygge without candles – and I have to hygge. It also usually contains an assortment of seasonal sweets and goodies, as well as hot choclate mix and an assortment of teas. With all that being said here are all the items which I compiled together to a few different seasonal stands.

  • Hygge inspired tiered stand display
  • Valentine’s Day tiered stand display
  • Saint Patrick’s day tiered stand display

If you like the idea of decorating a tiered stand, keep checking back in on this post. I will continue to add photos on how I change up my decore and decorate my tier stand differently for other seasons and holidays.

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