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Kid’s Birdseed Ornament Craft

Yields1 ServingPrep Time5 minsTotal Time45 mins

My kids loved doing this craft because they felt like little chefs. It was fun for them to make and create "cookies" for the birds!

 2 ½ cups birdseed (smaller seeds work best, I used a songbird mix)
 2 tbsp or 2 packages of unflavoured gelatin
 3 tbsp corn syrup
 1 cup water
 various shaped Cookie Cutters
 A few drinking straws

In a large bowl add a ½ cup of cold water. Pour 2 packages (or 2 TBSP) of the gelatine onto the top of the water. leave sit for a minute to bloom the gelatin. Add an additional 1/2 cup of boiling water to gelatin mix and stir until the gelatin has been completely dissolved.

I usually do this part as it deals with boiling water.


Add the corn syrup and stir until it is mixed well.


Add the birdseed into the large bowl with the gelatin/corn syrup mixture and mix well.
Place the bowl in the refrigerator for 10 to 15 minutes so the liquid mixture sets. This will prevent the liquid from leaking from underneath the cookie cutters.


Place the cookie cutters on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.


Using a spoon fill the cookie cutters to the top with the birdseed mixture. Using little hands or the back of the spoon make sure the mixture is pressed firmly into cookie cutters.


Cut the drinking straw into 2 1/2 inch pieces and place one straw into the cookie cutter. I usually make sure the straw is placed almost in the center of the cookie cutter.

Allow the birdseed mixture to sit in the cookie cutters for about 10 minutes. Then gently push the birdseed mixture down from the top to remove it out of the cutter. The birdseed should keep the shape of the cutter. Place the birdseed ornaments back onto a piece of parchment paper and place back into the fridge for a few hours. After removing from the fridge I also leave them out on the counter to dry overnight.


Gently remove the straws and put a piece of twine through the hole. Tie the end on the twine into a tight knot and hang from a tree for the bids to enjoy!