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Cinderella 2D Castle Card

Yields1 Serving

Materials To Cut
 1 white or cream colour cardstock (something suitable for clouds)
 1 blue or teal colour cardstock (something suitable for the sky)
 1 light pink colour cardstock
 1 medium pink colour cardstock
 1 dark pink colour cardstock
Everything Else
 Cricut scoring stylus or scoring wheel
 Circut 12 X 12 standard grip cutting mat
 adhesive (glue)
Design Space Set Up

Download the SVG design from the link above and upload the design into Cricut Design Space.


Select the entire castle object and ungroup it (button near the top right-hand corner of the page)


Select the 2 outside lines that make up the castle door & change the linetype from "cut" to "score". You do this by selecting the desired objects and then selecting "score" from the dropdown menu in the "linetype" box found in the upper toolbar.


Select the same castle door score lines and attach them to the bottom tier/layer of the castle. This is done by selecting the desired objects and clicking on the attach button (paperclip) in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

Do the same thing and attach the cut lines of the castle door to the bottom castle tier/layer


Move the sky background aside by clicking on it and dragging it over. I do this so I can easier locate the long line which will make up the scoreline for the card base.

Locate the long line which runs down the middle of the white rectangle and change the linetype from cut to score.


Attach together the long score line and the large white rectangle.

I usually do this by clicking anywhere outside of the objects and dragging across the objects I want to select. Then attach them together (paperclip button in the lower right corner).


After all the steps and changes above have been completed you can now select the "make it" button and cut out the images onto cardstock.


starting with the top of the castle cutout, put a small amount of glue at the very bottom of the front of the cutout and glue it to the back of the top of the middle castle layer.

Then do the same with the middle castle layer, by again putting a small amount of glue on the bottom of the front of the cutout and gluing it to the back of the bottom layer of the castle.


Align the bottom of the castle cutout to the bottom of the sky cutout and glue them together. Be careful not to apply glue to the doors as you want them to be able to open.


Fold the large rectangle piece in half along the score line. This is going to serve as the base of the card.

Glue the group of the other layers that you just glued together to the front of the white card.


Gently bend the castle doors along the score lines to open them slightly. This gives the card some extra depth and dimension.


Give the card to somebody special.